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Title: New to FRO

Hello community! I would have posted this in a "New Players Discussion" board but didn't see one, so decided game discussion was the best place for this post. I just wanted to say to "Chris" good work on the game, I found this site through and as soon as I seen the screenshots I instantly came to the site, registered and am now installing patches. After reading the "ABOUT" tab this game really seems to suit my standards in any MMORPG like based game and knowing its in beta really just adds more *drool*. I love being able to jump into a game when it/while it is being released so I can follow the game and watch as its content grows. I followed RS since classic until about a year ago, and I hope this is my next game to conquer that title. I just wanted to say Awesome work Chris for the work and effort you have put into this, and I hope to see it grow tremendously! Patches are nearly done, so I'm gonna get ready for a new epic online adventure. (I will also invite my 2 RL friends to join me as we are a trio when it comes to MMO's and have been looking for a game like this for atleast a year now that isn't item mall based) Thanks again.

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