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Title: Uninstalled after 20 minutes

So I started off as a Ranger... No one seemed to be in the town I started in so I ventured out to some cave to look for something to fight and found a "ratman", shot some arrows at it nothing happened. So I left the cave and decided to run around from town to town looking for other players. I did this for about 15 minutes or so, ran to at least 6 little towns and didn't find 1 other player besides myself. Then I uninstalled the game.


The end.

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Title: Re: Uninstalled after 20 minutes

I am sorry to hear that you didnt find anyone to play with. The game is still in beta people come and go, during some seasons we have had 20 players on for a few months, other times we have no one. Most players are aware that the server will be wiped out, while they will receive an experience/gold credit, people only want to develop their characters so much at this point.

I encourage you to stop back in the middle of summer. You may find that more people are playing around that time. That is when we are shooting to release the game.

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Title: Re: Uninstalled after 20 minutes

NOTE:  Based on what you wrote; you clearly do not possess the ability of patience, clearly did not read the forums/tutorials, should have known this game is in beta (few players), and last but not least you made no effort to really figure out the dynamics of the game.

Exploring, social interaction is great and all but games like this are about finiding the hidden meanings and variables that make this game unique.  That takes patience and determination and laziness is not an option. 

To have fun you also have to play hard.

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