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Title: Korzek !

Where i can farm Good magical armor and ring and weapon and specialy Battle Axe? :D

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Title: Re: Korzek !

I believe ice elementals has dropped me the best battle axes so far but they have a low drop rate (compaired to any other t3 item droppers) and very hard to kill. Also I havn't grinded on a veriety of mobs yet. I still havn't gotten to see what catacomb magis, ice trolls, frozen bone magis, catacomb archers or even devourers. Oh and never even thought of any of the mobs are are good aligned either. I've been told reapers of life are one of the best for getting tier 3 weapons but I have had really bad luck with them compaired to others I've talken to. Also I've noticed trolls in dragon head mines have insanely high drop rate of magical items, I'm thinking the frozen ones might be the same way with higher tiered items.


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