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Title: Friendly Feedback

This game is fun, but I had to uninstall it tonight. Here is why.

I really enjoy the combat and have warmed up to the graphics. The atmosphere is enthralling and the music is appropriate; although a bit looping at times. The first few quests were entertaining and made me feel engaged in the world you crafted for us. If creating a pseudo Ultima Online feeling was your intention, you nailed it in many aspects.

However, I had to uninstall and move on because of the equipment restrictions. After some 20 hours of casual play, mostly after work, I just could not stand or understand why there are so many limitations on what a character can wear. Such a feature in games makes me feel choked. Surely, there are some items that should be restricted to those heroic or holy enough to wield or wear them. Yet, it would make much more sense if equipping items above your stats justs makes them less effective to wear; not unwearable.

Maybe that's just me. You have made a cool game and I wish you much success. I'll check back later to see the world's progress.



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