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Title: Gauntlet

I've completed Gauntlet and it just feels like a timesink for near to none reward.

25,6k is so little. Killing a few ice trolls for the same time and you will have alot of items you can sell for most likely the same price. Except you will get alot of other usefull items. 

Now i completed this on a maxed out char something not many can do. Now if your 4 people doing this, id say kill monsters insted. Gauntlet needs some sort of "wow i made it" with rewards according to how far you are able to progress.

If we have a point system where you get points depending on how well you do. With those points you are able to buy both items you can loot currently, and maybe when you complete the gauntlet you get completion points. if you are more then 1 person these points are split between everyone. With the points you could buy lets say a cape with +stats/skill lvls on what you select. 

Another reward could also be new items for your house, decoration wise. New highscore could be added for whoever have completed collected the most points.

So Point system rewards suggestion:
Potions (maybe even higher tier then we are able to craft)
Enchant material

Final Reward only if you completed the Gauntlet 
Cape of Gauntlet +5~ Stats of choice, +10~ skill of choice

Later you could expand Gauntlet to have 10+ waves. Making an upgraded cape at 15 waves, 20 waves and so on. Increasing ur stats and even adding another one later on. 

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Title: Re: Gauntlet

title might be nice but its also easy to do in a group, i assume it doesnt scale with the amount of players

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Title: Re: Gauntlet



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