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Title: My opinion on recent updates

I know I haven't played in awhile, but when I came back I was surprised to see that the class and allegiance systems were removed. I really liked those two things because it made this game different from Ultima Online. I read some of Chris' messages and what I got was that the allegiance system could make it difficult to add some new features. The classes were removed to give players more freedom in choosing skills, did I get that right? Did anything change with the stats?

Without the class system the game seems more like Albion Online where you can do everything with just one character.

I am sad to see the allegiance system go, but if it means it's easier to update the game without it then it's worth the loss.

I liked the class system because it gave you some limits as to what combination of skills you could use and how far you could progress in those skills. I feel that the class system gave the game more replay value. Doing the quests over again as a different class was fun. Running around as a lone merchant trying to mine next to a dragon was fun. I know that I can still just pick my skills and do those same old things, but it won't be the same if your swords is going up to 200 as a merchant when it used to be capped at 50(?) or something.

I am mostly just whining because I felt like the class and allegiance systems set this game apart from others. I could be wrong, but that is how I feel. Ultima Online is still a mess and Albion lacks quests; so, I am still ranking FRO: Moon Haven as my favorite MMORPG.

I will post some ideas under the suggestions topic.

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Title: Re: My opinion on recent updates

I am in both positive and negative about class system beeing removed. Now everyone is the same. As the stats are max 100 everyone will max out 5/6 stats, meaning everyone is the same. If Stats were maxed at 150, then you would have to make more characters to try something different.

I do think you should still be able to select a class, and in that turn it would give you different benefits. 

As for allegiance good and evil. Well it could be brought back and make every NPC who is for quest and town, all be neutral. Specific sidequests could later be added to be for evil or good sided. 


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