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Title: Whos Online

I remember that when you logged on the game said how many people were online, I wish this to come back.

Just saw Jhalin come on but as i was reading something else he went off before i could speak to him. Maybe an chat on the site where people could talk to each, and stay active in if they cant play at the moment or want to talk to some other FRO people. 

Otherwise Jhalin and Cougar if you guys read this, add me on skype "Zplinter" from kristainstad - sweden
Or if you got another messenger you use post it :)

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Title: Re: Whos Online

it would be nice to see how many are on when we log-in and if they are active, afk etc. Z hit me up in game, i generally only use facebook messenger. i will give you that when i see you.



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