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Title: Enchantment

Been awhile here but have been able to play a decent amount lately. Enchantment is diffently the best skill in the game hands down, so how to raise it quick, welp the first 2   +25 to skill levels is rather easy to unclock, but after u hit the third, then you wonder where to roll off to, Ice trolls and earth elementals, will dropp you pretty much all need as far as runes and mystic ethers are concered, The ice trolls spawn in the frost dungeon, floor to the east of the entry. Earth Elementals spawn in the Dragon head mines 2cd lvl, bottom middle of map, also in giants pass. Primordial ooze which spawns in skytop ruins will dropp ur amethyst, Make some decent gear and fight demons, they seem to dropp the best enchantment supplies, from combining syrum to enchanters stones (which u can't use till next update) hope this helps. :)

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