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Title: More enchanting questions!!

Ok so that isnt a complete list right? I noticed there is nothing for Elementals which are a pretty big catagory of unit. 

Second, how will these ethereal arrows impact the durability of the bow? These will be an enhancement on the arrows right, so you still have to equip them in off-hand?

Third, for the throwing maces, this means their normal auto attacks will become ranged, and have throwing animations and everything? Considered for War Hammers and dual wielding? (i'll totally dual wield maces now) Is this not being done for axes because maces need the bump the most? Will there be a seperate Returning enchant for inventory-thrown weapons?

Fourth, do any of these damage enhacements effect spells ? If not, i see nothing a Mage would really care for. If yes, whoa, powerful!

Sixth, will you be adding blank rings and necklaces to be enchanted or will we be enchanting our current ones?

Lastly, about fire/ice/lightning/magic... Magic resist is still the best since it applies to all the elements as well? There is no Lightning resist at all, so i assume Lightning is just "magic" damage? The damages have never really been fully explained, esp MR piercing spells like Dark Bolt.


I hope to see enchants with Wizards, Rogues, and even Merchants in mind! (such as carry capacity enhancements)

Also, more flat damage reductions like that found on Jewelry? could enhance armors with -physical or magical damage. 

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Title: Re: More enchanting questions!!

A lot of good points.


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