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Title: New player, looking for more!

*Approaching the Dragonhead Inn
you notice a freshly posted message on the door.
You lean in for a closer look.

                                                               SEEKING ADVENTURERS!

                                                                                 My name is Sarin Fel,
                                    I've recently come to 
Moon Haven at request of the King;
                                           to explore, achieve and conquer its many evils.

                                                            I am inviting all who share these goals to join me.
                                                 I offer fair gain of acquisitions, materialistic and otherwise.


Moon Haven can be a pretty tough place to explore alone (*barbarians everywhere laugh*) ...especially as a wizard!
That, on top of the fact that I -hate- playing fantasy games alone has led me to make this simple presentation; 
I hope to aquire the interest of at least one or two others who share these thoughts.
The short term goal will be to meet up 3+ times a week and conquer an orc stronghold or present simplistic math to a barbarian, whatever's fun at the time! The long term goal.. Will be presented down below with other useful information!

Who I Am:
I'm a 5'6 18 year old female with ---  
My name is Justin, though I prefer the forum name Clipfel. I'm 23 and live in the US. 
Sarin Fel is a level 9 wizard with no background whatsoever. I started playing here Just over a week ago.

Mundane Magic - 50
              Staves - 135
              Find Hidden - 40 - I picked this up for the rare gem find that helps with reagant cost.
                                                At level 20 I will be dropping it for something allegience oriented. 

Allegience: I've been leaning towards evil as I'm a fan of necromancy and dark magics but I figured this would be something discussed with the group once level 20 is within view.

Completed: So far I've only done the first 2 quests (meet the king, kill ratmen and zombies).

Preferred Group Members:

Rogue, utility build: (lock picking, disable trap, find hidden, weaponofchoice and dual wield). 
Barbarian, meat shield

I am accepting ALL who are interested though. 

Long Term Goal: Explore the entire map, conquer every enemy npc/player that moves and their related stronghold/fortress/castle, achieve all of the..achievements and of course have fun and look good doing it! 

Reply here if interested. 


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Title: Re: New player, looking for more!

Me crush math talky wizard ><

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sr of shadows

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Title: Re: New player, looking for more!

a good ideal is a new guild sistem and a review in the interface ( battle, atack speed and more). its good for play with other players.

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Title: Re: New player, looking for more!

I agree


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Title: Re: New player, looking for more!

I would like participate in this and I am a rogue doing a utility build. Anyone who is doing this or wants to this please reply my post and I will check for responses.


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