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Title: 31st update !

Ok first off thats a terrible day, Age of Wonders 3 comes out on 31st :'( plus thats during the Albion Alpha ! 

Next, so dual wielding attacks with both weapons at once, or one then the other ? Did you test its damage output ? Cuz i will :P 

The crushing blow sounds nice, its basically a crit rate. Is it based on weapon skill or any stats ? Depending on how that damage treats armor, it might be a bit much, but it could be a nice skill for classes like Rogue and Ranger to work on. 

Rogue could probably use an Armor Piercing skill that gives attacks a chance to totally ignore armor

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Title: Re: 31st update !

Hi Khor,

It might be the 30th or even the 29th but the point being our plan is to have it out by the 31st.

You are welcome to test; In fact as usual, I welcome the feedback. Hit Damage is evaluated seperately; there will be almost 3/4 second delay between weapon hit 1 and weapon hit 2.  

The crushing blow perk for two-handed weapons is for swords, axes and maces that are two handed. The damage is multiplied before armor not after.





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