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Title: Attacking merchants?

So i found an AFK merchant in dragons lair, lining his pockets with valuable metals... How exactly does leveling a merchant work? He is evil and i am Good but i cannot attack him because he must be below level 30, it says hes still a 'new' character, i think he is a character that ONLY gathers resources so he wont lose anything on death and cannot be pked. This seems wrong, he'll never level farming mats. Maybe merchants should get exp for farming? 

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Title: Re: Attacking merchants?

I think mercs should be free to choose if they want to PVP or not. They are far from being the best fighters in the game and they already have to care about monsters. I understand that this may cause frustration for certain players but their farming is not directly affecting your gameplay. (Sorry for disagreeing with you master, dont punish me pls. :P)


-Siegheat, Diabolical Minion of Khor


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