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Title: Poisons, throwing, and self-healing.

ok two unrelated issues here. One, the higher requirement of poison skill for certain weapons seems completely unnecesary. These weapons really arnt 'better', just different degrees of damage and speed.

The battle axe does the highest damage but its very slow, i actually am starting to prefer the Sagaris. The higher damage of the battle axe is highly mitigated when you have enchanted weapons, since a 20 damage with hellfire gets a better boost than a 30 damage weapon with hellfire, it lowers the gap and the 20 damage weapon hits faster, thus may have a higher DPS.

This goes for poison too, poison on a weapon is a chance to poison target, faster weapons therefor are better for this than slower weapons. Poison skill should instead be required to use more advanced poisons, because some classes (LIKE KNIGHTS) can get a lot of effect out of 50 poison skill since many weapons require less. Access to top tier poison on 50 skill ? pfeh. The only other benifit is 'chance' to poison

Throwing is kind of similar, i've noticed that the 'better' throwing weapons tend to miss more often which basically counter-acts the slight damage increase. The 'prep' time for explosive pots greatly diminishes them, plus they cant be poisoned. The best part about throwing so far is that i can poison a dagger and throw it with very high accuracy. This requires very little throwing/poison skill to achieve, making these weak skills to actually max compared to others.

Now for self-heals, any heal used by a character of high armor value is inherently better than a heal used by someone else. If a knight and a rogue both drink a 25 hp potion, its of much greater benifit to the Knight because that 25 hp is a lot harder to chip away due to his high armor. Combined with healing salves and regeneration and the knight easily benifits the most from these affects. Could have healing based on stats so its different per class. 


UPDATE: i hope Bolas are high throwing required !

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Title: Re: Poisons, throwing, and self-healing.

Look at you fancy-pants, getting what you ask for and such.


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