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Title: RECENT News: Good/Evil/Neutral!


PLEASE kindly do not take away ( Neautral ) player status!  I do NOT want to play my chracters as good or evil!  Picking sides never appeals to me at all.  I'm sure a decent amount of other players would also agree for thier own reasons!  That would ruin everything about the game!  Nuetral has a GREAT blance of skills that do not interfere with players (Good/Evil) running around making a mess of everything.  Nuetral is the way to go because it's a more collaborative or hermit approcah to social interaction in the game!  

If you want to change anything at all:  PLEASE allow skills to NOT have a limit in points/levels, depending on which skills you chose.

Civil War will break out if Neutral Players are forced to pick a side! Not good sad


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