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Title: Hello chris!

Hello, I plan to be a new player,  or atleast try the game out.

It looks similar to linkrealms/ UO


Alot of interesting features that i would like to try out, But the only problem i have noticed so far while just patching the game is...


Lack of fourm users/posts which leads me to believe no one plays this game?

Is there an active community still? Is there a /who function in game?

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Title: Re: Hello chris!


Aye you will find game play very Ultima-esque

We are still working on and developing the game, that has not changed... Users come and go, I try not to fret about things I cannot control. I would like our community to pick up, it seems it goes through different seasons.

There is much to enjoy in the game even as a single player such as various quests, bosses and leveling.

I hope you stick around to try the game and everything it has to offer so far, if you want to see the community grow, its up to the players to bring other players and spread the word. We will pick up advertising again in the next few months but we have some things still to address.

The /who function is an administration function. We used to tell players how many people were online but that dissuaded new players from trying the game if there were only a few people online at a time. So it will only show if there are 20 or more people online.



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Title: Re: Hello chris!

LinkRealms is a great game but rather limited in the following ways:

1.) Some players don't want to use a weapon to fight nor magic.

2.) Not enough ways to make money without combat.

3.) Stats are capped.  This is not good.

4.) No starter weapon for marksmenship without having to use starter sword weapon to earn a way to get bows.

5.) No starter "pan" for the prospecting skill.  Where is this found? 

6.) Everything seems to be attached to having to fight to get stuff and acquiring wealth or else you can't really do anything.


Link Realms has 3d moving trees/buildings (sprites) which Fantasy Realm does not.

Link Realm has easier movement with mouse/keyboard.

Link Realm has a solid Party / Friends/ Guild interface seperator.


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