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Title: Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Input

Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Input

Fantasy Realm Online is looking for player input and feedback… Now is the time to share your ideas for changes in game rule sets, game play, pvp and skill systems. Were considering standing up a new server to support different rule sets if need be.

Many of you have proposed some changes over the past few months that we are now considering and we would like to gather each person who has played thoughts and opinions on the matter. So let’s get right into the areas we are reviewing and need your input on:

(You can reply directly to this email at or you can post in the tavern)

  1. Would you prefer the game go to a classless system allowing you full access to all skills for each character you create? Should skill advancement then be similar to how a merchant advances with apprenticeships (increases caps based on use).
  2. Under the current class system, would you like to see a maximum skill point cap removed?
  3. Would you like to see combat become more interactive, such requiring you to click enemies to swing your weapon? Explain what you would like to see if needed.
  4. Would you like to see a fully coessential pvp system. (IE Preventing PvP with unless you opt into it). Would you like to see this system implemented on a different server? Would this raise your interest in the game?
  5. Have the changes to the merchant character allowing them to use some combat skills been helpful to you? Does it add to your game play enjoyment?
  6. Do you like the revised grid container system or the classic container system? (Currently players can choose in options)
  7. How else would you like to see the game updated and changed from its current state

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Title: Re: Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Inpu

Hi Chris!,


First things first long time no see! sorry I've not been on but had a break from the game for a bit plus real life takes priority. Also good job on making things progress in this game. I've read some of the changes and additions but must catch up! Also the email you sent me prompted me to reply!

Like I said I do like this game - it has a great deal of potential. I will try answer or give advice as to what I feel would be good for the game.


  • A classless system would be great. It will create so many hybrids and possibilities i.e. wizard/thief combo, merchant/hunter etc. More possibilites means more uniqueness and experimentation which is always fun. Being able to have fighting abilities as a merchant/gatherer would be helpful


  • I see both positive and negative points for skill point cap for classless system.
  • Negative: Max skill toon may be overpowered in pvp. No uniqueness, everyone is the same in the end game, No point in other toons.
  • Positives: Unique hybrids. Even the playing field in terms of skills and skill points (pvp). Variation of toons which would be good for roleplay or community game play. Each toon will have assigned function/use i.e. Blacksmith of community
  • Personally I am for the skill point cap. I live diversity and differentiation between toons and players. No one toon can do it all so to speak.


  • I am not much into PvP. Will only do it if need be. I am one of those people that prefers to PvM/PvE. So pvp via consent gets a thumbs up from me for sure. Maybe to help PvP, an Arena can be made to cater for those that have the cravings for it. The problem with such a young and small group community at present, is that being pked can be off putting for some.


  • I have found that trying to get top tier materials as a gatherer means that I have to go to dangerous areas i.e. dragon lair. Now this is difficult with no combat skills at all, again this is where the classless system would be of benefit. But there should be an option where you can gather materials in relatively less risk areas, something not to trivial for the average merchant/gatherer. Also the hardship in the merchant/gatherer/trader is the hours you put into trying to become master, not running for your life to get to a precious material. This will help crafting flourish and maybe some local community crafters will pop up to sell goods.
  • Also maybe a player shop or vendor to help with this? as a future idea/update


That's all for now. I hope this helps. Btw is there someway of telling how many players are in game? sorry if this is a noob question.







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Title: Re: Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Inpu

Further idea after speaking to you in game and understanding your concerns Chris.

Ok my idea is this.


> The number of skill points and cap would remain. Class titles from the start such as Mage/Wizard, Warrior, Ranger, Merchant, Rogue available as per game.


> Homeland to be limited on class title. Only applicable skill(s) to have homeland bonus.

So Mage class would only have bonus related to magic (i.e. White magic, Black magic, etc.), Rogue only related to Rogue skills (i.e. Poisoning, Hiding, Detect Hidden, etc.)

> Skills are set into categories. This is just an example and needs refining according to views







Black Magic




Demonic Possession

Axe Fighting




Mace Fighting






Detect Hidden

Mundane Magic

Sword Fighting








Whips + Flails


Heavy Armor

White Magic







Light Armor








Magic Resist




Poison Resist




























Trap Disarming






> For each class title, there would be a limit to the number of skills available per column


Examples are:

Ranger/Rogue/Warrior: Able to pick any skill from Fighting and Support skill. Can pick one skill in Magic and Trade

Wizard: Able to pick any skill from Magic and Support skill. Can pick one skill in Fighting and Trade


I know it seems that from the above it looks like not much diversity but keep in mind the following:


  • Number of skills in support is a lot to choose from

  • Skill point cap and level cap, therefore prioritising certain skills to specialise the way you want your character to be developed.

  • Homeland bonus from class titles will impact and further diversify how specialised your character will be

  • Potential to make combos: a mage who has one Magic skill with lots of Support skill but also dabble in Trade as a supplementary skill such as Alchemy (for healing and mana restoration) or jack of all trade character with all skills available being chosen but not investing in max points per skill.


> Further idea would be to be able to play around with stats as you choose but limit the number of points again available


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Title: Re: Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Inpu

Good evening, Chris. As promised  here is the feedback of the current state of the game. I will continously edit this post to add observations, facts and opinions.

1.-Would you prefer the game go to a classless system allowing you full access to all skills for each character you create?

In a perfect world, free of restrictions, everyone would build and create their characters to assume a role and choose their skills impartially based on curiosity and recreation. Nevertheless, this is not a perfect world, this is the real one. And real people always devise what is best for theirs goals. With a classless system, the 5 clasess + merchant will soon become just one Jack of all trades class who will incorporate healer, damage dealer and tank all in one. 

The definition of RPG in  MMORPG is Role playing game, it may sound unnecesarily conspicuos, but the role and multiplayer parts of such games are what makes them more attractive and different of your facebook or campaign console game.
Different classes makes characters less ordinary, and more dependant on others to achieve what a single unit cannot (be it questing, hunting or taking part in the economy) which creates teamwork. When the "perfect build" gets schemed, all people will run solo with such build, and we can say goodbye to community team effort.

Regarding the second part of the question refer to the proposal of answer number 2. 

2.- Under the current class system, would you like to see a maximum skill point cap removed?

 If, in order to make all classes specifically adept in one area such as a powerful damage dealer or an adept healer only, the maximum skill point cap should be revamped or removed, then the answer is yes. A system where different proffesion have a different set of skills and abilities, creates balance and the aforementioned team effort.

Touching the point of skill points, I would like to reiterate an argument already found in the forums. Currently, you gain 15 skill points per level, and you can use the points in any skill your alliegance permits. Without any real relation between how you earn the skill points and how the actual skill is raised. In a brief example, a person could kill Ratmen with a sword and achieve level 10, and then spend 150 skill points in druidiry and be a master wizard without even ever having touch magic!

The proposal

My proposal is to update the skill system. The new system would allow players  to advance in a skill which is really being utilized. The idea comes from observing how the new achievements automatically track every action of a character. The new skill system would grant the player advancement based on how much the skill is used and would  add a respective level to each skill. For example, in sword fighting certain % will be granted for every succesful hit with the sword.

To advance to level 2, You will need a certain number of successful hits. A rational number maybe " Hit enemies 300 times with a sword to advance to Level 2."

Of curse every vocation will advance faster for the skills they are more adept on, and the contrary will hold true for the skills the vocation is not supposed to be good at. The idea is simple to incorporate in the game and can add a whole array of depth and clearness to the skill system. For the player is as simple as to use a skill to steadily grow and level it!


3.- Would you like to see combat become more interactive, such requiring you to click enemies to swing your weapon? Explain what you would like to see if needed.

Currently, the combat uses auto-targetting when engaging the closest agressive creature. Auto-targetting enables people to continuosly earn experience by simply letting their characters idle in a spawn zone their character can handle. To regulate this loophole, I would (indeed) like to see the combat become more interactive. One simple way for the current combat to become more interactive would be to simply change the combat to require to Click/Tab Target any creature you would like to attack.

4.- Would you like to see a fully coessential pvp system. (IE Preventing PvP with unless you opt into it). Would you like to see this system implemented on a different server? Would this raise your interest in the game?

Free for all PvP is the nature of a sanbox games. The latent possibility of attacking someone is always there and it creates an aura in which there are risks; you are not always safe, you never know what could happen, you always have to be on the top of your game. If someone provokes you, you can resolve the problem your way, in addition FFA PvP creates respect among the community in order to avoid permanet setbacks and losses. This really defines the freedom a sandox game deserves to have.

Nevertheless, the grind in levels, skill and gear creates a gap between veterans and new players. The fact is, those who have been playing longer have all the advantages, they have more power and thus all the control. We do not want to lose players who just get "ganked" by the more experienced players.

But what is the solution? I will tell you what is not. Mixing it. Either make it fully free for all PvP, or only player vs enviroment, but do not try to put both. As such action will not make neither the PvP'ers nor the "carebears" happy. If the inevitable happens and PvP has to be restricted, the best option is to make a server dedicated only for optional PvP.

In fact we currently have a protection for PvP in which there is no consequence to dyeing if your level is below 30.

Another option to protect new players is to add consequences to player killers. The game has to make being a PK really dangerous. If they want to attack lower-levels there has to be a risk for them. Being a succesful PK should not be a dime a dozen, but a luxury, a luxury rewarded by skill. My take on it? a MAJOR stat/skill loss on death for the PK.

5.-Have the changes to the merchant character allowing them to use some combat skills been helpful to you? Does it add to your game play enjoyment?

Yes, the added combat skills to the merchant class lets us get our so needed resources more readily and easily, which makes the class more fair and useful.

6.-Do you like the revised grid container system or the classic container system? (Currently players can choose in options)

The revised grid container is a great feature and a great leap forward in client interaction.

7.-How else would you like to see the game updated and changed from its current state

I feel the general pace of the game is quite fast. Upon reaching level 100, you are also reaching endgame. Now, the game has a couple of years out and people already got three-digits, which means such players lose goals and objectives to be made and then could resort to just "ganking." Adding this with the low population means there will not be much to do for the veterans, which in return will just quit.

I would like to see the game go to a much needed slower pace. Making a game challenging also makes a game addicting.

Finally, I beg you to add "mysteries" to the game. Unleaked quests with unique items with a secret story or riddle behind it. This is infact the part I love the most of RPGS and definitely hooks me up until I resolve it or at least try  to resolve a mystery. Plus having a rare piece of equipment from a source no one knows is what brings you the status of Legend.

Kind Regards,




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Title: Re: Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Inpu

Hi both.


The idea here is to keep a discussion going on these topics. Sep has some good ideas here too and some logical aspect.


1) The whole thing about classless is limiting the skill cap so that no one toon can do a damager dealer, healer and tank all in one combo efficiently. Chris has expressed that this is what has happened to uo and this is what he is afraid of and Nightcrawler has also made a good point of saying that some skills will become obsolete by doing this.

However the biggest arguement against this is the fact that the choice imposses a limit which is against a sandbox idea.


2) I feel that it is kind of contradictory to number 1. Removal of the max skill point is basically saying the same as being classless because one toon can be so heavily specialised. A knight with no max skill points can be an ultimate tank, dps and healer in one. As an examples: I can see a knight being overpowered toon - max shields, max heavy armor, max swords, max healing, max druidry . A ranger who has max archery, sword, light/heavy armor, druidry is a tank, healer, range/melee dps combo again. If you were to do this you would have to completely re-structure the classes and skills and maybe subdividing it into tank, dps or healer role sets.


Sep's proposal is quite a good idea and has merit in which makes logical progression with skill


4) Chris has also stated about possibly making another server - which he would have no problems doing. But the problem presently with this is population dilution. Nightcrawler, Chris and I have discussed this. There are not many players currently playing. Making 2 servers would probably dwindle the population per server - so less interactions, therefore less rp possibilties, teaming up etc.. Chris would also have to patch accordingly which I'm sure he would have no problems with

You touched on the fact that players have quit because they have been ganked by more experienced players in the past and therefore have quit. So the problem has been there in the past and a solution is still to be found.

I think impossing a major stat/skill loss on death for a pker again goes against this open/free sandbox world.

There has been a discussion about a pvp toggle so that those that want to pvp can turn it on etc. Chris has mentioned also rewarding those who risk themselves more with a possible exp boost whilst grinding.

Any more thoughts to keep this discussion going is more than welcome




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Title: Re: Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Inpu

Well i guess its time for my input on the game. I like most of the ideas discussed so far. I have discussed many different options with chris about skills and how they should advance and how to make hybrids. I like the way u can assign points into different categories (15 per lvl) problem is with it like seph. had mentioned was that you assign points into a skill which you havn't even used yet. I think i have mentioned to chris before how to fix that. The best way is to incorporate both the way its setup right now, but u have to actually skill up after you say raise swords up 15 points, Like say Seph puts 15 points into swordsmanship ok, well what that does is make it so he can skill up his sword to that lvl by going out and bashing mobs to gain skill like he had mentioned. So yea you can raise your swords to 200 but if you didn't go out and bash the mobs then pretty much your still at lvl 1. Also you shouldn't be able to go out and just keep bashing zombies to get to lvl 200. As u progress to higher lvls of swordsmanship you should have to hit harder and harder mobs that way you kinda have to incorporate healing skills and whatever it takes to get your swords up.

                   Also regarding hybrids or w/e you want to call them i honestly don't think the game needs that, but the idea I had is which i guess is far to much work and would take to much time to implement, such as pathways for skills such as like a barrack setup like example

                              ---------- Disinfecting (Salves cure posison)     

healing -------->    --------- Advanced Healing (Salves heal for more hp per tick)                                       

                              ---------- Summoners Aid (Salves heal summons)


                     So if this system is to much time then I suppose just add more skills in or add some new class's in. Or redo some of the skills that are pretty useless (barbarians skill protection) barbarian isn't a tank and really with barbarian the best way to use the class is run in and hope you kill before you are killed. Protection makes the barbarian absorb damage for another player or npc. This skill is actually just in the wrong class, it should be with Knight since he is a tank. So... making new skills and fixing broken ones is another option.

                      As far as pvp is concerned i don't even feel like there is any need to waste time implementing anything in that categorey since really no one is pvping at the moment, most vetaran players are helping the new ones get there feet on the ground and really I feel like no one has any idea whats to powerful in pvp since its not being tested by players, i do feel the summons (fairys) in general are obsurd in pvp i have seen them in battle verse a player and 2 of them can take anyone down in less then 10 seconds, and since you can summon up to 6 of them with the title (Leader of the Pack) and with a ( +15 to summoning amulet) you never fail. This is with a wizard forgot to mention that, reason iam using wizard and not a ranger is quite simple, rangers don't have a great way to gain sp back unlike wizards, who can just sit there and gain back sp per second with 200 concentration ( regenerates sp per tick dpending on your skill lvl ) but anyway again i think pvp needs more testing and since no one pvps yet lets just hold off on touching it.

                     Now i heard seph. speaking of end game. Welp pretty much the end game in this game, is killing dragons, reapers of life yetis, and being able to solo the 3 lvl 60 quests.  Other then that there really is none, again this is somthing i had discussed with chris but hes not really concerened with since there isn't alot of vetrans players in general. And again the idea i had will take some time to implement, now lets take some other games into acc. lets start with ultima first, really when i think about ultima in its first few years of it first coming out, there was no end game, (cept for killing other vets) later they implemented (power scrolls) which i don't think was the right way of going, ok now lets take Diablo III endgame, umm.... lets just say you go out and farm mobs on hihger difficulty tiers to obtain lengendary gear and play with the auction house that was pretty much it for the end game in Diablo III (boring) Ok, last game that did it right Final Fantasy XI. What made FFXI so great was that it was based on endgame, to obtain certain gear you would have to hook up with your friends usaully 6-18 ppl (2ce a week) and go out and farm (key items) which in return would grant you able to spawn a boss that required alot of thought, strategy and everyone playing there class (job) correctly to defeat it, These boss's would gain resistance to weapons and magic as the fight went on making ppl have to change the way they were fighting it. and some of these fights could take up to a hour. The rewards from these fights were grand and wearing the gear showed other ppl that you took the time and patience to obtain it and without saying (skill). Yes did some of the gear get kinda outa control where you needed mad amounts of ppl to literally just help one person out for months to upgrade weapons to legendary status. This is just somthing to think about but again we should cross that bridge when we get to it.

                              I have also offered other ideas to make the game a little nuttier such as barbarians being able to use maces to bash threw certain walls, arrows being able to be lit on fire, also have maybe a double and a triple shot. Also as far as the maps are concerned having to almost kinda map in areas such as dungeons. Like you need to explore the dungeon to be able to see the mini map. and making (line of sight), meaning you can only see the areas that you are facing unless your using a (potion of light) i think that it would make light potions have a meaning in the game instead of there really not being one for it. Super Natural Storm needs a area of sight to it, and proably should just be able to target one creature instead of just blasting everything on the screen.

                               Iam a player that loves freedom in games, and lettin the game almost create itself threw its players I think the game really isn't in bad shape, i just think players need to see what you can do in the game and iam gonna start making some videos showing people what can be done and some of the gear combos i have found out about, I just think that alot of the younger gamers opt for the better graphics games, unfortantley most well graphiced games, have spent way to  much money into the graphics and not enough time in the game itself but alot the younger crowd just doens't see it this way, thats why there are far to many suck arsss games out there today, welp thats my input i hope it opens up some ideas and i hope the new players will give the game a chance cause the opening part of most games are not gonna be exactly what they want it to be, its literally impossiable to please everyone.


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Title: Re: Fantasy Realm Online Is Seeking Your Inpu

1.) I prefer a classless system.

2.) Each skill must first be TRAINED UP by an NPC trainer by paying gold. Then you must max out a bar to gain a level point.

3.) Each NPC trainer is found in very specific spots. Some NPC trainers are not available during certain times of day.

4.) Some NPC trainers actually move around the map to take care of thier own personal responsibilities.

5.) Skills should have no maximum skills cap BUT each level (triples in exp) to gain a level. Ensures severe hard work.

6.) Skills after every 50 - 100 points however MUST accompany a difficult quest of prowess and / proof of worth to continue.

7.) Create naturally moving creatures around the map based on thier territorial habitats or migration patterns.

8.) Create 3 levels of each creature type (not aggressive (won't attack you), aggressive (50% chance of attack), suicidal (stronger unpredictable stats calculated by the server for that instance) (will fight til death but might also run away for a while to maybe heal or recharge if it's a magical creature).

9.) PVP should be a menu option (check mark [PVP on always] or [PVP player upon request] or [NO PVP]

10.) PVP choices when chosen can only be changed once every 1 hour to keep player responsible to his/her choice.

11.) Server player hopping permitted if more than one server is available. PVP on all servers but player choices if possible.

12.) Grid system is fine BUT drag / drop item mechanics needed on chracter, on creature, on trade screen, etc.

- see the game planeshift. excellent example.

13.) Quality / Purity systems for items found in world, collected, made, etc.  No max quality creation but exponentially harder to gain for every +1 stat.

14.) Pick Pocketing Skill (hard to train up) needed.

15.) Lock Picking Skill (hard to train up) (riddles must be solved on container maybe) (special key found) (etc.)

16.) Hybrid Plant Potion Creation Skill (to attempt to create special stat, resistence, permenant, temporary, special abilitiies) 

17.) Hybrid Plant Potion Skill would be similar to Alchemy Skill but with plant part symbols (different shaped leaves, bark, roots, etc.)

18.) Magic Skills should be first 1.) learned from a magical book or trainer 2.) collected ingredients must then trigger a magical effect  to be able to use them (now becomes permenant spell in book) and then damage is dependent on quality of ingredients, skill level, and stat increases algorithm. Duration or some spells are also dependent on these factors (minus) if you are sick, dieased, etc.

19.) Chracters should be required to sleep in tavern or in thier own created bed or bed found in abanadoned building if (bad conditions) exist.  Otherwise a percentage of thier fighting skills and magic will be reduced a lot for a duration of time.

20.) No limit to pet creation / enemey fighting on your side if you can cause a spell to effect it in world. Harder creatures will require more magical energy, higher quality spell cast, etc.


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