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Title: Farming Alchemy Scrolls.....

This thread isn't for ppl who want to just go macro. getting alchemy scrolls is not for the faint of heart, it takes time and patience but knowing what to kill will all so help ur destiny. So far as my testin is concered peoples best bet is to farm devourers (the green looking zombies that poison you for lvl 3-4 poison and have lots of hp) but they have a 40-50 % chance to dropp a scroll which equals u have a ( 50% chance that scroll maybe a alchemy scroll) they dropp lvl 1-4  scrolls and the dropp rate seems to be completley random, hope this helps people lookin to get into alchemy the most crazy player helper i can think of ( Total Restore)  helps all class"s out on sp which is huge in this game. good luck

Oh and for the ppl that don't know where they spawn (2cd lvl of the crypt) other then that, i'll just let u know there are 2 different lower lvls of the crypt, one is always accsiable the other requires a switch to be hit. The lvl u want is the one that requires the switch to be hit. The switch is on the 1st lvl, u need to head to the furthest northwest room, there are steps leading down, head down them, to the bottom right of the room there are steps that lead up, head up them. In the room you come into there is a switch to the far left of the room hidden by the walls apperance u will need to use circle of transperancy to see it, hit the switch, then head all the way back towards the entrance past the undead knight, at the point where u could head back to the entry to the north est, head north wst into a hallway up into a larger room with lots of skeletons, head into the  northwest part of that room which leads into a small room where u can see staircase at the northwest it, Somtimes u may close the staircase instead of open it so....... gotta hit it again,

       Ok been farming lvl 5 alchy scrolls for awhile now, so far Dragons, reapers and water elementals dropp lvl 5 scrolls. Dragons have a very low chance to dropp a scroll proably somwhere around 5-10% and they can dropp lvl 2-5 so their not worth farming for lvl 5 scrolls. I farmed reapers for a couple days maybe killing around 120 of them, they have a more resonable dropp rate on scrolls id say around 40% chance to dropp, and they dropp lvl 2-5 scrolls also, the problem i found on farming scrolls from reapers were the chance of dropp rate on lvl 4s is very high, i only got one lvl 5 to dropp, and proably around 15 lvl 4s. Ok water elementals just came out yesterday to this edit, and so far i have killed around 30 of them and id say there dropp rate on scrolls is around 25-30% not bad, and the alchy scrolls i have gotten so far is a lvl 4 and a lvl 5, more testing is involved. They are a bit esier to kill then reapers, they are weak to lightning and go down pretty quickly there loot obvoiusly is not nearly as good as a reaper or a dragon. Those are my conclusions on farming lvl 5 scrolls i wish you luck, it diffently takes patience and doing the puzzles can get kinda time consuming especially lvl 5s,but the reward for gettin the lvl 5s done are diffently worth, i personally can't wait to be testing lvl 5 poisoning.

                   One other note i want to add in is..... be weary alchemy is very expensive and stocking up on certain regents is diffently recomended such as holy water since lvl 4 Total Restore potions take 100 holy water a batch, and there is only 400 total you can stock per spawn on them, thats hitting every monastery in the land. Welp thats it for the alchemy thread good luck to you.

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