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Title: Merchant home town bonus

On merchants picking a home town can give some really serious benefits but how far do they go.

Does getting 25 more smithing give you more items to craft or just higher chance of crafting the 200 and lower items?

Also the one that gives you additional mining skill, does that give you more ore/gems when everything else is maxed over the people that only get 200?

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Title: Re: Merchant home town bonus

On Smithing/Carp/Leatherworking there are currently no extra items (doesnt mean it will stay that way) I also still have to do the 225 apprenticeships. You still get the bonus applied when starting though which helps kickstart your character in that skill (skipping one of the apprenticeships). 225 will significantly help when crafting using difficult resources such as ruby plat or dragon scales.


On mining it certainly increases your chances of pulling gems and what not...


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